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how do I know when my cat will have her babies?

Hi my name is Billie, and my cat is pregnant she's really lovable than before and she is really BIG but my question is how do I know when she's getting ready to have her kittens and why does she want to go outside all the time?

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  • esther5548 esther5548 | Nederland | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    Give her a box with some old blankets or something like that. Put it in a place were it's nice and warm and cosy. When you're lucky she will give birth just there where you want her.
    BTW you can also go to the vet, he/she may be able to tell you how many time it will take till she gives birth.

    Good luck,
  • Dieneke Dieneke | Nederland
    Hello Billie,

    I agree with all the answers above.
    We had new born kittens ourselves and she gave birth in a box with a blanket.Her food and water was right next to the box and that made her happy.

    I wish You all the best and fun with the kittens!

  • charleentje charleentje | België | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    When a cat is pregnant she wants to make a place to have her babies. This is a place where it is very quiet and warm. Sometimes in a shoe box or a summer-house. She wants to go outside to find that place and to make it ready. It is possible that one day you won't find her or she won't come home. That means that she is going to have her babies. When she's done she will come home. If you're lucky she gives birth in your house (the garage or the attic e.g.).

  • Hemera Hemera | Nederland, Groningen | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)

    Agree with Esther and Charlene.Surely she is looking for a nice and quiet place. Do you have more pets? or children. That can be the reason why she wants to go out to look for a place to give birth. If you want to know how much longer it will take before she gives bith the best thing to do is to go to the vet.

    Have fun with the new born kittens

  • Sofietje Sofietje | Nederland, Zuid-Holland | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    Me too, I agree, don't let her outside but make sure she has a nice sheltered place in the house.
    If you want to know when she will have her babies, go to the vet, he can tell you how far the pregnancy is!

    Enjoy everything and make sure the kittens get a good loving place to grow up :)
  • Camilla Baird Camilla Baird | Denemarken | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    Personally, I would not let a pregnant cat outside. The risk of her giving birth outside somewhere where you cannot find the kittens is too great. I would keep her inside, make a dark, warm, drahgt-free spaxe for her to give birth and raise her kittens the first few weeks. Make sure she has plenty of nourishing food now while she is prenant and wqhiwhile she is nursing her kittens - discuss nourishing food with your vet. Also your vet might be able to give you an idea about when her delivery term is.
    Keep the kittens home till they are at least 12 weeks old. This is very important for their development as cats.
  • Marjolein Marjolein | Nederland | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    I agree with the other answers.
  • WinterDream WinterDream | Nederland, Noord-Holland | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    Hi Billy,

    How exciting to have kittens on arrival!
    I agree with all above answers. Please make sure she does not get out of the house for their own safety and create an quite, warm place for her to give birth. If she doesn't fit into a shoebox, just some old blanket in a dark quite corner will do just fine. As she is continualy trying to find a quite place I think she will give birth quite soon actually.

    Good luck and take care!
  • EKohnke EKohnke | Verenigde Staten, Massachusetts | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    Take her to the vet. Make sure you have good homes for all the kittens. The more litters she has, the more life strain she is under, and possibly will shorten her life.
  • Elke_89 Elke_89 | België | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    You better keep your cat inside.. Give her a good place were she can give birth to her kittens. If she can give birth in your house, it is easyer to keep an eye on the kittens. If there is something wrong (i hope not) you can call for help immediately! I think that you are going to see when she's getting ready to have her kittens.
    Succes! I hope that everything will be ok!
  • Silverrap Silverrap | België | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    I agree with the other answers.

  • i_smile_cuz_im_confused i_smile_cuz_im_confused | Verenigd Koninkrijk | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    Dear Billy,

    My cat has just had her second litter a couple of days ago. Both times the day she had her kittens she was extra affectionate and was looking for places to nest. Also on that day the kittens dropped and she looked noticably smaller, that scared us the first time as we thought she had had them and we didn't know where! But it is nothing to worry about as the kittens are just getting ready to come out. : ) I would not take your cat to the vet if there is no need as this just creates more stress on the cat. I agree with the above answers but I would change the bedding after the birth or when the bedding gets dirty as this should stop the cat from moving the kittens. If you are unsure if ther e is still a kitten inside then there are two main giveaways, the belly area is less firm and you can usually feel the kitten moving inside. Usually the gap between each birth gets shorter but my cat's last kitten took longer than the rest and she had a few problems as it was breech, do not worry if this happens though nature will take its course. Usually cat births happen at night so you might not experience the birth, I was lucky I got to experience the second. I have attached to this answer something that should be useful!

    Good Luck with the kittens! I hope my advice is helpful! They seem like they should be here in a couple of weeks or so!

  • HL self HL self | Nederland, Alkmaar | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    Dear kittenbaby,
    my answer is the same as the answer from esther5548 and charleetje. Have a nice time with your kittens.

    Good luck with your cats


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