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Question (about Yamaha Virago XV 400)

virago xv400 spec

hai..i'm from malaysia..i just bought virago xv400 (made of 1987-i think)..i would like to know more about this bike..so anyone here have any info on specification of this bike?

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    Please excuse my late response to your question. The power supply, in Vietnam, is only slightly more reliable than the internet.

    I don't have any information for the 400cc model. The only workshop manual I could find is the Haynes Service and Repair Manual. It covers the Yamaha XV (Virago) V-Twins from 1981 to 2003. Unfortunately, for us, it states that the 535 is the smallest of the XV range. Not very encouraging when you own a 400.

    Anyway, from experience, I have found that most components for the 535 are interchangable with the 400 . . . except the IC Ignitor box, which I'm still having problems with.

    Find below the specs for the 535. As I've already stated, they're very similar to the 400.

    Maximum power: 33.9 kW @ 7500 rpm
    Maximum torque: 47 Nm @ 6000 rpm
    Top speed: 158 km/h
    Acceleration: Time to cover standing start 1/4 mile: 14.8 seconds
    Terminal speed after 1/4 mile: 138.6 km/h
    Average fuel consumption: 5.2 litres/100 km
    Fuel tank capacity: 8.6 litres
    Fuel tank range: 165 km

    Weights and Dimensions:
    Wheelbase: 1511 mm
    Overall length: 2210 mm
    Overall width: 815 mm
    Overall height: 1100 mm
    Seat height: 700mm
    Ground clearance (minimum): 145 mm
    Weight (with oil and full fuel tank, i.e. wet): 185 kg

    Type: Air cooled, 75o V-twin
    Capacity: 535 cc
    Bore and stroke: 76.0 x 59.0 mm
    Compression ratio: 9.0:1
    Camshafts: SOHC, chain driven
    Valves: 2 valves per cylinder
    Fuel system: 2 x 34 mm Mikuni carburettors
    Clutch: Wet multi-plate, cable operated
    Transmission: 5 speed constant mesh
    Final drive: shaft

    Type: Pressed steel, backbone frame
    Rake and trail: 31.5o, 125 mm
    Front suspension: Telescopic forks
    Rear suspension: Twin shocks with preload adjustment
    Tyre sizes:
    Front: 3.00S19 4PR
    Rear: 140/90 15 M/C 70S
    Front: Single disc with single-piston caliper
    Rear: 200 mm drum

    Again, the above specs should be used as a guide only. Further performance data can be found at www.motorcyclenews.com.

    Keep your knees in the breeze,


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