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Question (about Visioneer 3100b)

When I click on the Scan button in the Twain screen, I get an error saying "Disk space is not enough. Please try with a lower resolution or a smaller scan size." This should not be happening because I have more than 20 gb of space available. The free space specified on the twain screen is incorrect. It contains a negative number. That is why I get the message, but why is that free space a negative number? I am running the 3100b visioneer using PaperPort 5.3., on the Windows XP operating system. What are my options here?

1 Answer

  • GJC GJC | Netherlands, Noord-Holland | Subject Experience (show)

    Do you use the right driver (XP or Win2000). The other ones won't work right.

    • WB WB
      I got the driver from the visioneer page but the twain function still returns a negative value for the space left on my disk. Any other suggestions?
      27 Feb 2002
    • GJC GJC

      I don't have a clue. I am affraid you'll have to contact them. I take it that this is the only program that give the wrong value.

      27 Feb 2002

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