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tec ma-128 electronic cash register

i received this used machine and have no idea how to work it!! no manual, so i am lost! when i turn it on the the display lights up, but no numbers show or anything. and when ever i press any key nothing happens, is there somewhere i can find a manual?? or is this a lost cause??

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  • anthud7 anthud7 | United States, California | Subject Experience (show)
    Thank you for your question.
    There is no manual for that machine. Except for the one attached to this response.

    Support from Toshiba was discontinued in Dec 1999.

    Since it is a TEC any TEC manual will allow you to set date time taxrate. You may have problems assigning tax to specific departments. But that can be worked around and assistance is available if you know what you want the machine to do. To start the machine may need a login code (ie 11 log). Also make sure you are in the reg position. I would also check to make sure I have keys that go to all positions on the keylock. Including the blind position.

    I hope this has been helpful. Thank you!
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