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1980 suzuki gn 400 no fire....

i have a gn 400 it a good bike had it runnin before but i parked it for a year and now i get no fire at all ive replaced the cdi and the ignitition coils and the diode ive checked out the wire diograhm and i still cant get it figured out i thought it might be the stators but im not sure and dont want to buy another part i dont need any help on this thing would be great thank you for your time and god bless.

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  • olje olje | United Kingdom, North-West England | Subject Experience (show)
    This might sound like a silly thing to say but have you changed the plug and made sure the gap is right. Also the battery. I once bought a bran new battery and my bike still did not fire up. I tried all the above as you have done lucky enough I had the spares and didn't need to replace them.
    It was a dodgy battery and this isnt the first time this has happened. The battery for this machine has to be bang on.
    As for leaving it for a year mine was out of the bike and not even touched for 4 years and fired up on third attempt. These bikes never die. Start at the battery and just follow the usual proceedures. It will be just earthing somewhere.
    Good luck and let me know when you sort it.
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