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How to I "reset"? a Sharp Carousel II Microwave Convection Oven

My mom's microwave/convection oven control panel was not working properly so I unpluged it - hoping to reset it. Now it flashes Mix Conv Auto
* 88:88
Med High
Med Low
I tried unpluging it for a longer time and had the same results. Any suggestions? It's one of the following models: R-9H11B R-9H71B R-9H81B or R-9H91B . The manual lists all of the above so I'm not sure which one it is. Also I couldn't find any help in the manuel on this flashing problem. Thanks !

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  • MicrowaveControlDotCom MicrowaveControlDotCom | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    Does it respond to keypad input?

    If not, it may have a bad keypad. Even worse, the keypad is no longer available.

    If it's a problem on the control cirucit board, we may be able to fix it with our $39.95 service.

    Feel free to e-mail me at for more information or visit our site for details of our repair service:
  • BklynPeach42 BklynPeach42 | United States, Atlanta | Subject Experience (show)
    That flashing 88 88 simply means the power went out. Kind of like when your clock radio or VCR flashing 1200 after the power goes out.

    Remedy: Reset the clock

    Hit clock on the control panel
    Set the time you want
    Hit clock again
  • Hello,

    Instead of pressing any and every single button on the keypad, press BOTH the "Stop/Clear" AND "Start" buttons AT THE SAME TIME. . . . . Voilà!

    Oh, and btw. . .I got this idea (which worked) from remembering the instructions on how to reset my cellphone.

    Many thanks,

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