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Brother VX-1120 Owner Manaual

HI everyone. My name is Lisa. I have recently purchased a Brother VX-1120 Sewing Machine and it didn't come with an owners manual. I need toknow how to thread the bobbin and replace back into the machine. If anyone has this machine, could they please help. I want to start using it ASAP but without an owners manual, I am stuck!

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  • baholcombe baholcombe | United States | Subject Experience (show)

    Here is a web site with the threading diagram for your machine. Has pictures and description for the bobbin and the top threading. (I found it on google, Brother VX-1120). Good luck. Barb H
  • ngeelen ngeelen | Subject Experience (show)
    I'm sorry I have an other machine...
    Good luck!

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