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Scotts 6.5 HP 3 and 1

Scotts 6.5 HP 3 and 1 convertible mulcher self propelled lawn mower ,
Model # 229630x8b
today the carburetor fell off and got ran over splitting it in half by the blade.

Were can I find this replacement part?

FYI - I have had all kinds of problems with this mower, and it is so hard to get started. even though it says easy start right on the mower

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  • davewave57 davewave57 | United States, Michigan | Subject Experience (show)
    I do not know, other than a local lawnmover repair shop that carries or can order the carb. Perhaps a B & Stratton website can help you.
  • deville deville | United States
    I also have the same model and yes its a pain to start. Right now mine won't even fire and I can't seem to find the spark plug. Is Champion RN4C the right one? In reply to your last reply, my Scotts has a Tecumseh engine not a B&S?
  • TLP TLP | Subject Experience (show)
    Ito own a Scotts model# 229630x8b
    it does start but you have to continue to PRIME it to keep it running..while until it warms up.....normaly in 5 min. Yeah great fun.
    You would think the price you pay for this thing you should be able to use it more the 25 times eith out problems....
  • jawarters jawarters | United States
    Also try
    They made many of the Scotts walk behind mowers. Although they don't show this model you may be able to find a similar model with common part mumbers.
    Belts, etc., try

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