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Question (about Refrigerators)

Ice dispenser door won't close

I have a GE Profile side by side with the ice & water dispenser on the freezer door. The ice dispenser works fine but the little round door covering the hole where the ice is dispensed won't close. This causes outside air to get in to the freezer comparment and frost builds up

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  • Osbornappliance Osbornappliance | United States, Washington | Subject Experience (show)
    The ice disensor door is held shut with a spring or piston assembly. When you dispence ice a cylenoid energizes and opens the door. It should then slowly close.

    1. The hinge, spring, or piston and or related parts are broken. Replace as needed.

    2. Some times the cylenoid burns out and melts the related parts. Again, replace all damaged parts as needed and check ice dispensor controls, switches and related parts.

    Provide me with a model number for more details
    • jap3rd jap3rd
      Thanks for your answer.

      The model # of my side by side is GSS25WCMC-CC.

      How do I get to the ice dispenser?
      I don't see any easy way of working on it.
      Can it be removed from the freezer door or can you work on it without doing that?

      Thanks again

      27 Nov 2004
    • Osbornappliance Osbornappliance
      Your model number is GSS25WGMCCC

      Your fridge has a electronic control, cylenoid and spring return for the door.

      The most common thing for this modle is for the spring to come off and the door to come off the hinge. Otherwise the cylenoid has melted down.

      Use a small flat blade screw driver and carfully unsnap the bottom edge of the trim pannel of the ice/water dispensor from the outside front of the fridge.

      then slide the trim plate up and off. you will see several screws holding the dispensor assy in place.

      Dissasemble and inspect.

      good luck.
      28 Nov 2004
  • Willemsebel Willemsebel | Netherlands, Gelderland | Subject Experience (show)
    I'm sorry I have to agree with Anned, you will have to ask the guys you have bought the machine from.
  • anned anned | Netherlands, Gelderland | Subject Experience (show)
    I'm sorry, I dont't have an answer, I dont't know fridge.
    I think the best thing you can do, is go to the shop where you bought it, and ask them.
  • amitcr amitcr | India
    Never owned this kind of fridge so have no idea about it's working.
  • satmaster satmaster | United States
    On the outside of the unit they have a spring that holds the door clsed. It may look like a small motor. You will know it because it will have a arm that is pushing against the door. Replace it.

    If you dont want to replace it you can jam something in front of the door to keep it shut.

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