Rat Diseases

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  • cocokim

    Hair loss

    RAT DISEASES | One of my son's pet rats is having hair loss. She is only 6 months old. She doesn't seem to be sick she is just going bald on her side and now on her back. Just wondering what this might be?
  • lala111

    wiles disease

    RAT DISEASES | im thinking of buying a pet rat from a local pet shop. i wanted to know if they carry the wiles disease ?
  • msuchic

    Bald patches

    RAT DISEASES | I have 5 rats who have all of a sudden developed bald patches all over them. Four are female, one is male. The patches are mostly concentrated around their faces, but the male especially has lost quite a bit of hair on his back. At first the skin did not appear to be broken, but after about a week, i've noticed small wounds starting to appear. I have not noticed any unusual grooming, scratching, or fighting among the lot. Anybody have any ideas as to what is going on?
  • carrissa062604

    My rats are dying!

    RAT DISEASES | I have eight rats living together in a HUGE cage. When I went to feed them Sunday morning, I noticed that two of them were dead, and another two were really sick. They all looked fine on Saturday! They were very skinny; you could see their ribs. One of the ones that was sick wouldn't move; the other sick one was curled up and shaking. They both had cold hands, feet, and tails. The one that wouldn't move died about two hours after I found her. The other one ate a little bit of soy baby formula, but died the next morning. I don't know if this matters, but the four that died were all females. The other four are just fine, but do I need to worry about them? Please help me!! Thank you!
  • Anon

    Are rat diseases transferable to cats etc?

    RAT DISEASES | I am thinking about buying a rat, I've heard they make good pets, but I have alot of other pets to. I've done some research and was wondering if any rat diseases such as SDA or mycroplasma are transferable to other animals? could you help?
  • psxixlovedxyoux

    uh..my rat has a BIG lump.

    RAT DISEASES | one of my female rats have a HUGE lump on its stomach..connecting to were her leg connects to her body, it's i guess a little bigger than a golf ball, about the size of an infants hand, shes not pregnent i have two girls and it's only on her left side of the stomach to her leg joint thing. I'm really scared about it, but i heard it probably isnt anything that could kill her before she dies of old age, but id like to hear more opinions. I dont have any money or a job, im only 16 and i cant take her to a vet or anything. I just really want to know what it is.
  • Peawee

    About my Rats Foot

    RAT DISEASES | My rat is about 6 months old and she is limping. Her back left leg never touches the ground anymore, and she can't really move it. (she doesnt walk on it...) My mom suggested maybe she got it caught in the wires of her cage and maybe broke it? Can you please tell me what is wrong with my rat's foot?? Email me at Dolphintarget24@yahoo.com Or Bsensitive4me@yahoo.com... Thank you..

  • rat_luver816


    RAT DISEASES | my rat is over weight and lately she has been very exhausted. i have two rats and they both have little sores on them, but my overweight rat wont walk, eat and i have to force it to drink, and she does this thing when one minute they are normal and then all of a sudden they are popping out of her head and they are twitching. please help me because i love my rat and i dont want anything, so can you please tell me what is wrong with her and how can i make her better?
  • jenbenn


    RAT DISEASES | I have just baught my rat 6 days ago, and was very sweet ans calm. No he won't even let me reach into his cage to change his food, and attacks my hand. He is still a very young rat and i am not sure if this is normal or not. He also runs back and forth around his change and looks like he is almost seizureing.
    I have had 3 rats befor and none of them went thought this. I was just woundering if this is common or not or if there is something wrong with mt rat.

    Thank You
  • gremlinzzzuk

    Scratching to death

    RAT DISEASES | I have quite a few variations of rats and recently my batch of 4 males (Dumbo,s & hooded) have started to have skin problems and their ears are looking like something has nibbled on the edges and their tails look the same. They seem like they have fleas but this has only started since I moved in to a warm property. I myself hate the heat, could it be something to do with the climate change being too hot, also I use cardboard as bedding.
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