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wiles disease

im thinking of buying a pet rat from a local pet shop. i wanted to know if they carry the wiles disease ?

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  • cockerspanielblonde cockerspanielblonde | Canada | Subject Experience (show)
    A few thoughts.....

    Do an internet search and research if there is any possible way to detect this disease within your means.

    Do some research with the pet store. Where did the rats come from. Get a phone number and address. Go out and inspect the site, talk to the breeders. Any respectable petshop will give you this information otherwise they will have a hard time selling their animals.

    If the breeding place seems clean, they seem like respectable people, and you determine that the place isn't a rat mill, your purchase should be ok.

    I don't want to discourage you, but being a rat owner.. expect some of the grossest, unexpectable things with your rats...

    Good Luck...

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