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How do I repair Murray Ultra 12hp 30

I have a Murray Ultra Convertible Mulcher Riding Lawn Mower 12hp 30" and I have model # which is 283707. I need a left rear tire and a battery and cannot find them. Online manuals say that model number is invalid. Any help on finding the right parts would be great.

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  • katastrophic katastrophic | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    Look on the rear tires for the raised lettering. It will show what size the tires are and what manufacturer made them, probably Carlisle. Wal Mart stores sell replacements for some sizes and tread designs. You may get lucky and pay a bit less for a new tire through them than having to order one online.
  • Rusty Louis Rusty Louis | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    Dear Robert:
    Sorry that you have a problem with a conflicting model number which makes it difficult in ordering parts. Without the right
    model number and parts number, ordering parts via mail can be a waste of time. Personally, I would go on the Murray WEB site
    ( locate the nearest Murray repair shop. Then take your tire and battery to the shop get the right sizes. If no Murray repair shops are in your community, then
    take it to a shop that services MTD, Craftman, and other small
    riding mowers. They should have your parts. If you ever have to change the motion belt, be sure and buy the best belt available. Changing that belt can make you loose your religion. I would not try this task without using the operator's manual for direction. Better get the mower operating. The grass will be getting greener and meaner everyday. Happy mowing. Rusty Louis
  • katastrophic katastrophic | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    Oops. I forgot about the battery question. WalMart also sells replacement batteries for lawn tractors. Bring your old one in with you and they should be able to find a match.

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