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moto guzzi info

guzzi info
wanted to know if header pipes from a 1974 v850 moto guzzi eldorado will fit onto a 1970 750 ambassado moto guzzi im concerned about the header nut being the same size and the little nipple that fits into the head being of the same size threads on ambassador header nut measures 48mm and inside were the nipple fits into head measures 43mm any info would be great asking becouse im looking to purchase from ebay the eldor head pipes

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  • ducati ducati | Canada | Subject Experience (show)
    Although I am inclined to say that the pipes will fit, I don't want someone to make a purchasing decision based upon my gut feeling. The only Moto Guzzi I have owned was a 1977 LeMans 850 Mk1. I have friends who have had the 74 Eldo & might be able to answer this question, but by the time I was able to find out from them the eBay auction would likely have concluded.

    If I had a few days, maybe up to a week, I will likely be able to find this out. But for now, I will have to wish the fellow luck & suggest that he Google for some info on this.

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