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Murray select riding lawn mower model 405002x8A

Our lawn mower will not start, we hear a rapid clicking sound when we try to start it. We have fully charged the battery and we still get this sound.

Thank you,

The Bryans

1 Answer

  • musicman539 musicman539 | United States, New Mexico | Subject Experience (show)

    You need to check your solenoid going from your battery to the starter. The part is very inexpensive and you can locate one at

    There are two solenoids listed part # 435097 & part # 435102 but without me knowing the nomenclature of your starter solenoid I can't tell you which one is the solenoid you will need. You can check this solenoid by jumping across the two terminals on the solenoid with a very heavy coated wire. Make sure you use a heavy wire or you could get a nasty burn. Good luck to you

    • dudusrex dudusrex
      Thank you for your quick response. We bought the new solenoid. We cannot budge one of the bolts that is keeping the old one on. Can you suggest a tool or something that could help us get this bolt off.

      Thank you for your help,

      The Bryans
      08 Jul 2004
    • musicman539 musicman539

      If you are speaking of one of the two bolts that secure the base of the solenoid to the frame of the mower I have a couple of suggestions. 1) use a set of vise grips to remove the securing nut or 2) Try to cut it off with a hacksaw. . You can use WD-40 and spray the entire nut and let it set for awhile before trying to remove it.Good luck

      08 Jul 2004

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