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Need Deck Belt Diagram for Rally 3-Blade Mower GT2500CR

The Rally riding mower that I have is an older model with an 18 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine. The Deck has three blades and two belts. One belt is the drive belt, the other is the deck belt. The deck belt uses three blade pulleys and two idler pulleys. I need a deck belt diagram and a deck belt size and number.

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  • jaymarsmleng jaymarsmleng | Canada | Subject Experience (show)
    I need the model and serial numbers to help. These were made by both MTD and Murray.
  • BrittaK BrittaK | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    Do you have primay and secondary deck belts? Is your machine a 44" deck? I have found several of these but you will need to contact me if you would like me to help you find something. I have added the one that is closest based on what information you have provided. Please contact me for any additional information or if this is not quite what you are looking for. REMEMBER - this is as close as I could find and may not be your machine!! Good Luck!

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