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In Heat

My lab is three months old and she is producing a gross smell. We think that it might have something to do with her about to be going in heat. What could be producing this smell?

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  • Whistler Whistler | Canada | Subject Experience (show)
    I don't think it is about her going in heat goes she's only three months. I can't answer that wuestion cause i don't know. But I know that my lab has a bad smell from his feet and this smell is normal cause the lab is always playing outside but it is not too gross has you seem to have with your dog.
  • mekeyzer mekeyzer | United States, California | Subject Experience (show)
    It could be the anal glands they produce a fishy
    smell I would contact your vet. Our dogs had the same thing to. Your dog is to young to even be in heat.

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