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JVC GR-DVL 9000 - Owner

I use the JVC gr-DVL9000.

Positive about the cam is the large screen and the special effects, but after using the cam fot 4 months the first manco appears.
The cam didn`t play or record anymore and gave me the signal E04 .
I toke the userguide and found out , that this mallfunction-code could be deleted by pressing the reset-button for about 20 seconds.
After doing this, I should rest the cam for about 10 minutes and it should be working again.
The first time it did, but later on ,the error-signal came more often and with less time between.
My cam has been send to the service-repaircentre for two times now and it cost me €400,- sofar.
I think it`s a shame that such an expensive cam could have such simple failures.
Lately there is a new error-signal appearing ; sort of a xmass-ball. Don`t know what to do? And the tape doesn`t come out anymore. Thank you JVC!!!

FERDYDJ Netherlands , Drenthe

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