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White Male and Black Female Relationships

I am considering starting a relationship with a wonderful black women, though I'm sure there will be some things I hadn't expected...do you have experience with this and if so, what can you say about your experiences.

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  • thecollector13 thecollector13 | United States, California | Subject Experience (show)
    Sorry, my relationship is with a white female and I am a asian male. If you still want me to answer this question feel free to ask again, but I recommend being more specific. Thanks!
  • mommyto04 mommyto04 | United States
    I'm not sure exactly what you are asking but I am biracial (mixed with white/black) and I am married to a man from the Philippines. And I love it! I love learning about different cultures and having new experiences. Anymore questions I will be happy to answer.

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