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Overfill of engine oil a killer?

Got a 94 EB Explorer that has been a great family vehicle. A quick lube (Valvoline) overfilled the oil and now it spews white smoke from the tailpipe and the engine rods sound like a diesel. What might be the problem and how serious is it?

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  • wwb wwb | United States, Wisconsin | Subject Experience (show)
    How much was it overfilled? A quart or so won't do any damage. Much more than that will cause the crankshaft counterweights and rod journals to splash and foam the oil. Then, it's lubricating properties are impaired. There is also a lot more oil being passed into the intake through the PCV, which generally will result in fouled plugs, black exhaust smoke, and a contaminated catalytic converter.

    White smoke sounds more like a coolant leak - check for oil in the cooling system or coolant in the oil pan (tan-colored foam) resulting from a failed head gasket or cracked block. This would have nothing to do with an overfilled oil pan.
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