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Improve Fiat Fiorino 1.7TD power and fuel efficiency

Hi. I would really appreciate it if you could help me locate or give me information on improving the power and efficiency of a 1998 Fiat Fiorino 1.7TD van. Overall it is the best van I've driven, but I do feel it is a little heavier on fuel than it needs to be and even though it by no means lacks power, I feel it is not giving me its all :)
I have heard of chips in certain model cars that can be changed and instantly provide both of these results? Is such a chip available for the Fiat Fiorino?
Thanks for your time!

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  • onkieonkie onkieonkie | Netherlands, Noord-Brabant | Subject Experience (show)
    I think I have to disapoint you,

    Such a chip is nog availible for the fiorino, and with a reason to..
    The fiorino is an old fashion diesel engine, without the electronics.
    Just a normal diesel pump, not one of these newfashion high presior commanrail pumps. And an old fashion fixed turbo, not one with variable geometrics that are changed by a new chip..

    The only wat to improve the performace is the old fasion way, by a bigger turbo, or An intercooler, or an other airintake filter, or all of these for the best result..

    Hope my awnser helps..


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