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one lifting cable on garage door fell off

How do I reinstall the lifting cable on my door pulley.

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  • haagje2002 haagje2002 | Netherlands | Subject Experience (show)
    no idea i'm so sorry
  • jwcarr jwcarr | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    I agree.....BE CAREFULL!!!!!!!!!! Springs and cables can be deadly!
  • Olaf de Vries Olaf de Vries | Netherlands, Utrecht | Subject Experience (show) should do the trick mate.
  • aritec aritec | Netherlands | Subject Experience (show)
    the answer raybccul gave you is the right one
  • raybccul raybccul | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    Generally you will want to release as much of the spring tension as possible by opening the door and propping it open securely with a board or the like. Once the tension is reduced, carefully disconnect the cable from the door and re-align it with the pulley, then reconnect. If there's still too much tension, look for tension adjustments on the spring attachment points or some way to move the door farther to release the tension enough to be safe.

    Depending on what type of door and mechanism, the specific procedure will be different. It sounds like you have the type of roll up door that has tension springs that pull on cables to counter the door's weight. If this is correct, This page has steps and procedures for removing and reconnecting that type of cable and adjusting the tension.

    Be sure you check the pulleys for wear and that they are not wobbling on their axles. You'd do well to find out how it came off in the first place and be sure to fix whatever caused it or you'll be doing it again eventually. Also check the cable for wear and fraying, especially where it slipped off the pulley.

    If you need more assistance, please give more detailed desccriptions of the mechanism and problem and, if possible, provide a picture.
  • alvali alvali | Netherlands | Subject Experience (show)
    Call service personnal
  • riviera riviera | Netherlands, Noord-Holland | Subject Experience (show)
    Usefull answer is given allraedy,

    Good luck, Peter
  • Joscar Joscar | Netherlands | Subject Experience (show)
    sorry, can't help you.

  • bouwknegt bouwknegt | Netherlands, Overijssel | Subject Experience (show)
    I'am sorry but i don't know.
  • skelet7988 skelet7988 | Netherlands, Utrecht | Subject Experience (show)
    Clear awnsers given already! Good luck and let us know when you fixed it!
  • cholbach cholbach | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    You have been given plenty of advice
  • 12hp91 12hp91 | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    I have never done this, but it looks like the answers above are good. I too have heard that it can be dangerous and to make sure you're as careful as you can be.
  • plumber58 plumber58 | United Kingdom, North-West England | Subject Experience (show)
    You need to find out why the cable came off in the first place because part of the system may be worn or damged on both counts you most likely need to replace part of the system. try your local builders merchants as most stock gararge doors and spare parts.
  • Coachcisco Coachcisco | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    1st answer was correct, relieve pressure on springs and watch for pinch points...

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