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Question (about Dishwashers)

How do I delime a dishwasher

I live in an area that is served by a community well. The water is very hard and we don't have a water softener. Our Bosh dishwasher is getting a white film on the inside and I am constantly picking tiny, hard, white grains of ??? from the sprayer openings of the washer's arms. We use Cascade soap (the powdered kind).

Any idea what those white things are that are plugging up my washer?

Is there a way to delime my machine without damaging a seal or something?

Can you help?

Many thanks, Texaro

3 Answer

  • iceman1999 iceman1999 | United Kingdom, The Midlands | Subject Experience (show)
    you need finish dishwasher cleaner in a small blue bottle, if not you need scale away,
  • satmaster satmaster | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    Have used a well for years but never had that problem. Only had a problem with black deposits on the walls. I removed them by running unit with some citric acid. It removed all the deposits and its safe.
  • spruce spruce | United Kingdom | Subject Experience (show)
    Well, first, keep the salt and afterwash topped up. You can try Glitz which cleans the stuff in hard areas better than most
    It is aggressive and you'll get fade on colours over a time.

    Cheap glasses will not like hard water.

    You can buy a cleaner that should descale it in a supermarket, or put a lot of soda crystal in it.

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