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Armada 1700 BIOS

How do you enter the BIOS settings for a Compaq Aramda 1700. I've tried F2, F10, DEL, F1, and nothing has worked. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Bidlet Bidlet | United Kingdom, South East England | Subject Experience (show)
    Hi ssblair,

    The armada 1700's didn't have inbuilt BIOS settings for setup had to be installed on the hard drive or run from a floppy disk.
    If it is installed on your hard drive you can run the bios setup by pressing F10 when you notice a cursor in the top right(?) corner of the screen shortly after turning the unit on.
    Otherwise you'll have to download the setup from and put it on a floppy and run it from there; the floppy created is bootable so your laptop should go straight into the setup.

    Good luck!

  • trol trol | Netherlands, Zuid-Holland
    I'm sorrie to tell you that I have not worked with the compaq armada for ages. 9*So I really don't know. The best thing to do Is to just go to and ask the question there in the support section. Sorrie to have disappointed you
  • Silverrap Silverrap | Belgium | Subject Experience (show)
    F10 normally
  • j18nl j18nl | Netherlands, Zuid-Holland | Subject Experience (show)
    For Compaq it always have been F10 as far as I know, so when you see the Compaq logo, press F10 a couple of times and you should enter the BIOS.
  • Mockenrue Mockenrue | Netherlands
    I seem to remember it was F11 or F12.
  • polisuk polisuk | Canada | Subject Experience (show)
    Here are the instructions for my Compaq Armada M300:

    "Turn on or restart the computer, then press F10 when the
    blinking cursor appears upper-right on the screen."

    If this doesn't work try the site.

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