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Where can I find a vacuum hose kit for the Troy-Bilt Chipper/Vac?

Looking for a Vacuum Hose Kit for the Troy-Bilt Chipper/Vac Model 47282. The manual says the part number is 1901111.

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  • mockswede mockswede | United States | Subject Experience (show)
    Do you need full unit with the snout attachment and the nozzle and handle or only the hose between?
    • dodobird65 dodobird65
      We need the complete unit. In the manual it is listed as part #1901111. We have the snout which is listed in part #1901113 but not the vacuum hose kit including the inlet cap. Thank you.
      14 May 2008
    • mockswede mockswede
      ebay has many folks with orig troy bilt chipper/shredder/vacuum parts and non-OEM parts and aftermarket parts for those that wear out particularly.
      Sometimes you have to ask for specific part, even when it's not shown for sale.

      here's one seller who said he has one:

      This is what he said when I emailed him:

      "Yes I have used parts and new. I have 1 new hose kit left and I have a few used kits. A new hose kit is $160.00 plus shipping a used kit that is refurbished is $125.00 plus shipping. Shipping should be $20.00. By refurbished that means that the hose has been recovered in black duct tape. If you have any questions call me.

      14 May 2008

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