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TK-2300 Re-programming & alphabet sheet

I have just acquired a TK-2300 from a closed down pub. Is there a way to erase

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  • ed2003 ed2003 | Germany
    I should know where you are located because the init procedure is different by region (US+Canada or other).

    • PubGuy@Tevie PubGuy@Tevie
      Hi Ed,

      I am located un the UK. I have the manual (covering the TK2300 & TK2700) but cannot find any reset procedure listed.

      As for the alphabet/items template, I've managed to knock up a reasonable facsimile in Excel which will do the job.
      28 Sep 2004
    • ed2003 ed2003
      You will not find the reset procedure in the user manual, it's only listed in the programming guide. Proceed as follows:

      Mode switch to "off"
      press and hold "journal feed" key
      mode switch to "program"
      release "journal feed" key
      now 10 zeros should appear on the display - if not switch back to "off" and retry.
      enter "10801" if you want to sign-in with clerk buttons or clerk keys (we have that in Germany) or "10811" if you want to sihn-in with secret numbers, then press sub-total

      That's it - everything is set back to factory options stored in the EPROM module.

      29 Sep 2004

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