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Question (about Casio CE-4700)

CE4700 - programming challenges!!!!!!!

If anyone could help with this it would be fantastic!! I have the CE4700 with the programming manual, but am tearing my hair out early on in the manual!! I have initialised the machine, and am trying to program the keys (+ / Subtotal / CA total etc) and even though I am following the instructions and can get some such as the date and NS programmed - when I turn to register mode and try to add up a figure and subtotal it all the numbers just cause the thing to beep outrageously at me.... been trying for the better part of the day, but no matter what I do it won't seem to program correctly - wondering if I stuffed it up somewhere in the programming after initialising it???? Please help someone who is about to lauch this register off the top of the building!! Thanks.

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