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Casio CE-4700 Programming nightmare

I'm having great trouble programming my till. For example it says to use PRG 5 and 6, though i can only seem to access programs 1 - 4, pressing 5 + SUB or 6 + SUB in program mode results in ERROR!

Additionally. Whilst trying to alter one of the codes, I'm using Worksheet 46 from the manual to tell the till to Print the Commercial Header on the till receipt etc. The memory location is 1722, so i input Program 3 as requested. ok, then i am told to enter memory location 1722, so i input this, press sub, to be greeted with ERROR!.

The programming manual says its for the CE-4700, and allthough 'strangly' I understand the instruction manual, the till is not reacting the way it is expected to.. I have done several Full initialisations but to no avail... please help!!!

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  • verwijderd profiel verwijderd profiel | Micronesia, Federated States of
    Hi tiranathon,

    Lets see what happens here.

    Program 5 is for memory allocation.
    Program 6 is for printing all kinds of stuff not really needed for programming.

    First of all you can not get in program 5 or 6.
    Has the user u use got the rights to go there?
    Maybe you should check the clerk settings, you connect the allowed programs there to the clients.

    As for program 1722, is it allocated in memory (yes program 5), i doubt if it is. When you allocate it (In the start of the manual is a list of memory allocatable) you should be able to go into that program 1722 by pressing 3,sub,1722,sub,input the wanted values, CA/AMT, sub.

    So i think you have to set the prog 5 and 6 allowed to the clerk used, then allocate that address. I think its called receipt headers and then a value between 4 and 24 or so.

    I hope this helps you, otherwise let me know and describe some more problems you have. This isnt unsolvable! :)
    • tiranathon tiranathon
      Thanks for the feedback martijnschreuder, unfortunatly im not sure about the clerk. I setup the till using clerk buttons rather than codes etc. the guy at some casio place gave me an init code., with ref to changing 1722, this is what i do

      I change key to Program mode
      press 3
      press sub
      type 1722
      press sub
      then i have to hit Cancel key to get the till to stop screaming at me.

      Its driving me nuts
      28 Dec 2007
    • verwijderd profiel verwijderd profiel
      Oh welcome to the family, these registers really can drive you nuts heheh.

      What i see happening is that 1722 isnt allocated, you get the error, so the memory isnt allocated.

      For that you have to get into program 5, did that work now?
      You definitely have to allocate program 1722.

      The thing you did 3,sub,1722,sub does work here on a modern till, these programs havent changed for 25 years now, so what you do is ok.

      Can you already do 5,sub,1722,sub? Then you would be in allocating program.

      Pls provide me with some more info, i hope this helps.

      greets martijn
      07 Jan 2008

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