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What should I buy a Bugaboo Cameleon or Stokke Xplory?

Bugaboo Cameleon or Stokke Xplory?
I am a mother to be. I am choosing a stroller for my first baby! I really need someone to advise me which stroller I should buy! Who Can also buy it for me and helping me ship it to Taipei, Taiwan!

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  • pierretap pierretap | Netherlands, Zuid-Holland | Subject Experience (show)
    I can only tell you my experience with the bugaboo. I'm very satisfied with it
  • tuttebel1 tuttebel1 | Netherlands | Subject Experience (show)
    By the stokke is now also a crib availible, so it is wat you like the most, because both are very good.

  • drtobibass drtobibass | Netherlands, Noord-Brabant | Subject Experience (show)
    It depends very much on your surrounding:
    Tne BGB is very trendy, light and very nice for Boulevards and Shopping etc. Furthermore, it is the only stroller that works on beaches.
    However, if you like the woods and "offroad" walking, you better buy a Teutonia Mistral Sport. Half the price, 4 kg heavier and much more robust.

    I fear that I cannot help you with the shipping. Have you tried EBAY?


  • quadrifoglio quadrifoglio | Netherlands | Subject Experience (show)
    Hi, I'm sorry but I can't help you with your question. I never tested the Stokke but very much like the bugaboo cameleon. It's light weight, easy adjustable en fits in almost every car. The carrycot is bigger than most of it's concurrents. Goodluck with your choice!
  • miss_yoki21 miss_yoki21 | Netherlands | Subject Experience (show)
    I have just had my first baby and bought a Bugaboo just a few months ago. I tested both the Bugaboo and the Stokke. I preferred the Bugaboo (i have the Frog) because I liked the design better and it suited my personal needs better. The new Bugaboo (Cameleon or Gekko) is a little different from the Frog (adjustable pushbar, cushion, colours etc) but it is atill the very easy-to-use and small stroller. I think the Stokke is also good, but as I already said: i like the Bugaboo design a lot better. I must say though that the new Bugaboo colours are not quite my taste and I was happy to still be able to buy the Frog. But that's a personal preference.
    When is your baby due? When I ordered my Bugaboo, there was a 13-week delivery period... You can also try to buy a Bugaboo secondhand, this will also save you some money. But if you have the time (and the money) you can also opt for a brand new one.
    If I can help you any further, please let me know! Enjoy your pregnancy and take good care of yourself and the baby! Good luck on making up your mind about the stroller. By the way: have you already checked the websites? www.stokke.com and www.bugaboo.com
    Good luck!
    • yilihou yilihou
      I will have my baby in late June!
      I like to buy Bugaboo Cameleon, Please let me know where I can order!
      The biggest problem is I live in Taipei, Taiwan!
      I need someone help me fpr the shipping!
      Or I can let it ship to my friend who live in London!
      04 Apr 2005
    • miss_yoki21 miss_yoki21
      You can contact Bugaboo and ask about their shipping policy or if they know stores that ship the Bugaboo. On the Bugaboo website, you can also find the retailers that sell the Bugaboo. If you can't find any answers there, you can contact me again and I will give you some names of shops that sell Bugaboo. It's very easy to get a Bugaboo in Holland, but it is a Dutch brand after all. It will be more difficult getting it overseas. Maybe buying it here and shipping it to Taipei is the best option, but it will take quite some time and it will be rather expensive (especially if you have the fast shipping costs). Maybe you can have someone who is visiting Holland, to take it with them (maybe an airline employee?).

      Good luck and all the best for you and your future baby!
      05 Apr 2005
  • smanguns smanguns | Netherlands, Zuid-Holland | Subject Experience (show)
    I don't have any experience with Stokke Xplory. It looks nice.
    I have the bugaboo frog. We travel with it to a lot of circumstances. A rocky surface, ijs, zand, using stairs ... up and down... without any problem.
    Based on what I've read ... it seems that the bugaboo have more to offer then stokke xplory....
    The best thing is to have a testdrive of both stroller and try to fold the stroller by yourself. Make somekind of list of your preferences and requirements. and may the best win ;-))
    one thing I'm not sure if stokke xplory can also carry a carseat (maxi cosi)

    good luck
    Note: try www.babycare.nl... I think they accept international order
  • jenco jenco | Netherlands, Groningen | Subject Experience (show)
    As a Bugaboo-user I would advice the Bugaboo. The Stokke looks very nice though. Ask yourself and your partner: What do we need? and decide together.

    Success jenco
  • moeder van Nynke moeder van Nynke | Netherlands, Zuid-Holland | Subject Experience (show)
    I've no experience with the Stokke, but whatever stroller you choose you need to decide for yourself what is important in your situation. Personaly I choosed the Bugaboo for its light weight and for the easy way of folding it very compact. In my previous house was this important, as I lived on the second floor in a small appartment.
  • bereke bereke | Belgium | Subject Experience (show)
    I only have the bugaboo frog and for me (i live in the city)it is the best I never tryed the stokke xplory so i dont think i can give you more advise.
  • cecile23 cecile23 | Netherlands | Subject Experience (show)
    I think a Bugaboo is perfect, i,ve got one myself. I never tried X-plory, but i think it is much more expensive. Bugaboo is flexible and stable. I don't know the X-plory, so i cannot give you any further details about it.
  • Kimsel Kimsel | Netherlands, Limburg | Subject Experience (show)
    If I were you, I'd choose the Bugaboo because you can use the stroller in many ways and in many conditions (weather, mountains, city, shopping centre). But ask yourself the question: what do I expect from a stroller and you can visit www.bugaboo.nl and ask your questions to professionals.

    Good luck!
  • suzannemvsofie suzannemvsofie | Netherlands | Subject Experience (show)
    my englisch is not very good sorry
  • mamalia mamalia | United States
    My dear husband and I were set on buying the Xplory until we took it for a test drive. The Xplory is probably the best handling stroller out there but in terms of ease of use, it's very difficult since the parts sometimes lock up - folding it down can easily take a half hour to do, even for a trained Stokke sales professional. The idea was great but implementation is poor. Also, getting it into 2 wheel mode for taking the stairs is very dangerous to do while a baby is in it. We finally decided on the Cameleon just based on the quality of the Frog. Good luck.
    • yilihou yilihou
      How do you order cameleon from US?
      I have found some shops in Netherland will ship worldwide!
      If you need these info.
      I can give you
      Thank you
      04 May 2005
    • mamalia mamalia
      We ordered from a shop in the Netherlands that was willing to ship. Thanks though! malia
      05 May 2005
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