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serial cable for agfa 1280

I read earlier about your answer to the person that had lost his agfa connection cable, and u suggested to go through photo dealer, but also u found that Olympus also made one that would fit the agfa. I am having trouble finding an agfa cable, would u tell me what Olympus cable that would fit with my camera? Or any other suggestions!! Am desperate!! Thanks...
Lisa :)

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  • HOTO HOTO | Norway | Subject Experience (show)
    Hello Lisa,

    As far as I can see, the cable dilivered with the Olympus digital camera Camedia C-990 ZOOM looks exactly the same. I have not tested it though. This cable has spesifications (are marked) E108683 * AWM 2835 VW-15C TY 60 oC 30V M.

    If I were you, I should also check for a cable at a computer store. It may well be far less priced.

    Best of luck.

    Tom from Norway

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