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Question (about AEG OKO-Lavamat 72630)

AEG OKO-Lavamat 72630 UPDATE

Hi Markkus,
I have the above model of washing machine and have been exoeriencing difficulty for some time. The machine gets stuck durring the cycle, usually at 29 mins remaining. The machine will eventually finish its cycle, but this may take upto 2 hours. Alternativly if I switch the machine off for a while, and restart from a different position in the cycle it will usually finish.
We have had a new pump fitted, but the problem still exists.
Please could you offer some further advice.
Many Thanks,

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  • markkus markkus | United Kingdom, Central Southern England | Subject Experience (show)

    I have had no problems with my machine, so I can't help, I'm afraid. You might look for a web forum for repair technicians - they might have encountered this.


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