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Circuit Diagram & Service Manual for Favorit 675

Does anyone know how to get a service manual for an AEG Favorit 675 dishwasher?
The most urgent thing I need is a wiring diagram for the controller and clock. So if someone has or knows how to get a wiring diagram for the controller I'd also appreciate it.
Many thanks in advance.

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  • woody14 woody14 | United Kingdom | Subject Experience (show)
    please supply your model no, serial no and product no on the side of the door, also your email address as info is strick
    regards woody
    ps the AEG diagrams are not the best to understand but what is the main fault you have with this machine as it is rare for the controler to fail.
    • fortuneteller fortuneteller
      Thanks you for your reply.
      Regarding model and serial number here is what it says on the side:
      AEG Favorit 675 TP:42 AHb 01 (240V)
      E-NR .606.281012 F-NR .011 454570 (Made in Germany)

      I'm quite sure you're right and the controller isn't broken.
      Here's what happened. I tried finding a ground fault which occurred mid-cycle. I finally traced it to the heating element but while looking around, a couple of the controller wires got disconnected accidentally. (I had not marked them since I had no intention of taking them apart.) After putting the wires back where I thought they belonged (I know this is a bad idea) the washer worked except that at some points in the cycle the clock would not advance. So now I want to make sure I connected things correctly and I want to check that the clock is working. (BTW, the clock leads are wrapped around the controller pins rather that plugged in!). I may have manged to destroy the clock but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for your help!
      (The plastic piece holding the controller knob also managed to crack a bit so I need to find a replacement for that too.)
      My email address is:

      thanks again,
      06 Oct 2007
    • woody14 woody14
      See Email for info. possable reasons for timer to stick, common place is just after wash and before rince. due to lack of water which can stop the water in the tank from getting up to the top rota arm and spraying water near the door thermostat, check air chamber for signs of blockage, did you tip the machine over on to its left? this can push water in to the air chamber and foul the water levels.
      try leaving the machine a day or two to dry out if it was tipped up.
      regards woody
      07 Oct 2007
  • xavilopez xavilopez | Spain
    could you sendme also the schematics?
    typ:42 ehb 01
    646 135 220 lp
    made in germany
    E-Nr.606,384 078 F-Nr.074435442

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