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Propellers not rotating ÖKO-FAVORIT 80800 U dishwasher

I have an AEG ÖKO_FAVORIT 80800 U dishwasher from 2001. It doesn´t wash and rinse correctely because the two top "propellers" are not rotating. Does anyone have an exploded view or a service manual?

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  • woody14 woody14 | United Kingdom | Subject Experience (show)
    hi tommy i hope that i can try to help you with the reason your appliance is not wash and rinse very well, my 1st place to check is the filters at the base of the appliance,there should be a removable filter with a fine and large gause mesh inside under the lower rota arm, its sounds like the machine is being staved of water to get up to the upper rota arms,please check and clean if nescessary, 2nd check the rota arms them selfs as debris can block the jets up,which stop the arms from moving,
    there is a dionostic program for this machine which normaly throws up a fault code if any thing goes wrong, as you have not said of any, i can only think that all is well electronicly, but if you want to have the test program then just ask, i shall try to find some diagrams for you tomorrow as they are at my workshop.
    normaly these are very good machines and dont give any problem. hope i have helped a little. woody14
  • lisac lisac | Belgium | Subject Experience (show)

    for a "service" manual you must contact AEG

    greetings lisac
  • rneske rneske | Netherlands, Groningen
    kan geen englich
    • tommyw tommyw
      Aber ich verstehe deutsch und vielleicht auch ein bisschen dutch ;-)
      Weisst du wo ich ein zeichnung mit alle teile "explodiert" finden kann über den ÖKO-FAVORIT 80800 U abwashemaschine? Noch besser; weisst du wo ich ein service manual finden kann? Mein problem ist das die beide "propellern" da oben nicht rotieren und darum der Abwash nicht gespült oder aufgewasht wirt. Ich muss die probleme finden... und ich habe kein €100 am ein reparatör zu spendieren :-(

      Tommy Walfridson Bålsta, Schweden
      21 Mar 2005
    • rneske rneske
      hallo tommy
      ich werde dein problem morgen lösen dan bekomst du von mir noch einmal post ungefer om 20.30 uur
      21 Mar 2005
  • woody14 woody14 | United Kingdom | Subject Experience (show)
    • tommyw tommyw
      Thank you Woody14!
      Unfortunally there is no file attached, I can only read your text.
      I have looked everywhere to find the problem, even taken all three metal sheets off, from the back and the two sides. The machine is alarming and the red LED for "propeller" is turned on. I have rinsed the "propeller" under the top basket, it was rotating OK in my shower ;-)

      I think the problem is that the water pressure is to low to the top of the machine. This is probably due to some dirt in the valve controlling the flow to the different "propellers" I looks to complicated to take apart at least without correct tools. Further more I found a leakage on the left side of the machine, in the water distributing system plastic thing. It has four connections sealed with O-rings connected to the bottom plastic system. It leakes at in at least one of the four connections. I tried to understand how to dismantle it, but it seemed too complicated as well. A lot of hoses and parts to remove to be able to exchange the O-rings :-(

      I have called for a service man, he is coming today. He told me that is was very difficult to check and clean the valve part. The work space is very tight inside the machine.

      A year ago I got the Error code C3, it was about €100 for the Electrolux service person to take one hose of, rinse it and put it back agian. 10minutes of work, maybe 15minutes. The conclusion: You are using the 50°C program, right. Don't!!! Use the 65°C instead and you won't have any problems. Crappy! Read the manual -> the 50°C program is designed for light dirty dish. My fault.

      I can not say that my machine is a machine free of problems :-(

      Please do send me the pictures, they might come handy the next time I need to repair the machine, in a year or so...


      23 Mar 2005
    • woody14 woody14
      sorry you didnt get the pictures of the machine last night, it might be a problem with my computer, but ill try again. the problem with the water coming out of the side tank might be the whole problem to your not washing on the upper spray arm, that device with the 4 tubes is the water leveling system, it is carefully worked out in that chamber to how much water it shoud take, this part has been superceded by another part and has gone under some changes, mainly due to overfilling, not the problem that you have.

      here goes again with the pictures, if it does not work then ill have to think of some other way of sending it :-)

      i think i should work over there as the pay sounds good, i work for that company that makes your machine( it is diffacult to give you all the right answers just by text but im here to help if you need it.
      23 Mar 2005
    • tommyw tommyw
      Timo (Finnish name) worked for about 45min and charged me with 798SEK, about €90, no parts included.
      The rinsing result was extremely poor when I started my investigation and I took the spray arm in the upper basket away to test it in the shower. Unfortunally I placed it 5mm closer to the door in the basket when I remounted it, which took Timo 20min to understand (I didn't myself) According to Timo there was no more problem with the machine, which hopefully indicates that my 3 runs with the Intense 70°C-program gave result, one with 30g of citric acid. My only problem was remounting the spray arm in the wrong position, embarassing really :-(

      He fixed the gasket (130C) to the leveling device (140), which he claimed was design incorrectly from the beginning and still has the same design on new machines! The pressure from the leveling device to the machine is too week to get good sealing. Still it would be much better with a new gasket, he said. He could't garantee zero leakage even after the replacement...

      Thanks for all help. The drawings were attached.

      24 Mar 2005
    • woody14 woody14
      i am glad you got the machine back working tommy, to be honest i would not of expected to see a leak come from 130c but these things do happen,
      again if you need more info on the appliance just ask.
      happy washing up.
      24 Mar 2005

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